At 20:20 28/03/2005, Patrick Hatcher wrote:
I'm experiencing extreme load issues on my machine anytime I have more than
40 users connected to the database.  The majority of the users appear to be
in an idle state according TOP, but if more than3 or more queries are ran
the system slows to a crawl. The queries don't appear to the root cause
because they run fine when the load drops.  I also doing routine vacuuming
on the tables.

Is there some place I need to start looking for the issues bogging down the

Check that your queries use optimal plans, which usually (but not always) means they should use indexes rather than sequential scans. You can check for this by using EXPLAIN <query> or EXPLAIN ANALYZE <query>. You can also check the pg_stat_* and pg_statio_* tables to get a feel of what kind of accesses are done. You also might want to find out if your system is limited by IO or by the CPU. Most probably the former.

You can also check the "performance tips" section of the manual.

Also you shared_buffers setting seems to be pretty low given your configuration.

Hope that helps,


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