Cott Lang wrote:

Have you already considered application/database tuning? Adding
indexes? shared_buffers large enough? etc.

Your database doesn't seem that large for the hardware you've already
got. I'd hate to spend $7k and end up back in the same boat. :)


I agree with you. Unfortunately, I am not the developer of the application. The vendor uses ProIV which connects via ODBC. The vendor could certain do some tuning and create more indexes where applicable. I am encouraging the vendor to take a more active role and we work together on this.

With hardware tuning, I am sure we can do better than 35Mb per sec. Also moving the top 3 or 5 tables and indexes to their own slice of a RAID10 and moving pg_xlog to its own drive will help too.

Since you asked about tuned settings, here's what we're using:

kernel.shmmax = 1073741824
shared_buffers = 10000
sort_mem = 8192
vacuum_mem = 65536
effective_cache_size = 65536

Steve Poe

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