>>Mohan, Ross wrote:
>>>VOIP over BitTorrent?
>>Now *that* I want to see.  Aught to be at least as interesting
>>as the "TCP/IP over carrier pigeon" experiment - and more
>>challenging to boot!
> It was very challenging.  I worked on the credit window sizing and
> retransmission timer estimation algorithms.  We took into account weather
> patterns, size and age of the bird, feeding times, and the average number
> of times a bird circles before determining magnetic north.  Interestingly,
> packet size had little effect in the final algorithms.
> I would love to share them with all of you, but they're classified.

Ah, but VOIPOBT requires many people all saying the same thing at the
same time.  The synchronization alone (since you need to distribute
these people adequately to avoid overloading a trunk line...) is probably
sufficiently hard to make it interesting.  Then there are the problems of
different accents, dilects, and languages ;)

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