On Mon, 4 Apr 2005, Steven Rosenstein wrote:

> Today while trying to do a bulk COPY of data into a table, the process
> aborted with the following error message:
> ERROR: end-of-copy marker corrupt
> CONTEXT: COPY tbl_logged_event, line 178519: "606447014,1492,2005-02-24
> 03:16:14,2005-02-23 20:27:48,win_applog,,error,adsmclientservice,nt
> author..."
> Googling the error, we found reference to the '\.' (backslash-period) being
> an "end-of-copy marker".  Unfortunately, our data contains the
> backslash-period character sequence.  Is there any know fix or workaround
> for this condition?

Any sequence \. in COPY input data should be escaped as \\. If this data
was generated by pg_dump then its a problem, but I haven't seen any other
reports of this. Can I assume that you've generated the data for bulk load
yourself? If so, there is discussion of escaping characters here:


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