are you sure the query was identical in each case. 

I just ran a second time same results ensuring that the query is the same.
Not sure why it is doing a column10 thing. Any ideas what to look for?
Both data bases are a restore from the same backup file.

One is running redhat the other XP, I believe both are the same version of
postgres except for the different platform (8.0.1 I am pretty sure).

I just spent the morning with Dell hoping for some explanation from them.
They said I had to have the database on the same type of OS and hardware for
them to think the issue was hardware. They are escalating to the software

I did a default Redhat install so it very well may be an issue with my lack
of knowledge on Linux.

He did mention by default the Perc4 do cache, so I may need to visit the
data center to set the percs to not cache.

   Richard Huxton
   Archonet Ltd

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