I did as described to alter table and did not see any difference in speed.
I am trying to undo the symbolic link to the data array and set it up on
raid 5 disks in the machine just to test if there is an issue with the
config of the raid 10 array or a problem with the controller.

I am kinda lame at Linux so not sure I have got it yet still testing.
Still kind puzzled why it chose tow different option, but one is running
windows version of postgres, so maybe that has something to do with it.

The data bases and configs (as far as page cost) are the same.

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Dawid Kuroczko <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Basically it tells postgres how many values should it keep for
> statistics per column.  The config default_statistics_target
> is the default (= used when creating table) and ALTER... is
> a way to change it later.

Not quite.  default_statistics_target is the value used by ANALYZE for
any column that hasn't had an explicit ALTER SET STATISTICS done on it.
So you can change default_statistics_target and that will affect
existing tables.

(It used to work the way you are saying, but that was a few releases

                        regards, tom lane

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