"Thomas F.O'Connell" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> http://www.sitening.com/pgbench.html

You need to run *many* more transactions than that to get pgbench
numbers that aren't mostly noise.  In my experience 1000 transactions
per client is a rock-bottom minimum to get repeatable numbers; 10000 per
is better.

Also, in any run where #clients >= scaling factor, what you're measuring
is primarily contention to update the "branches" rows.  Which is not
necessarily a bad thing to check, but it's generally not the most
interesting performance domain (if your app is like that you need to
redesign the app...)

> To me, it looks like basic transactional performance is modestly 
> improved at 8.0 across a variety of metrics.

That's what I would expect --- we usually do some performance work in
every release cycle, but there was not a huge amount of it for 8.0.

However, these numbers don't prove much either way.

                        regards, tom lane

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