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Thanks.  Yes, I understand that not having a large
enough max_fsm_pages is a problem and I think that it
is most likely the case for the client.  What I wasn't
sure of was if the index bloat we're seeing is the
result of the "bleeding" you're talking about or
something else.

If I deleted 75% of the rows but had a max_fsm_pages
setting that still exceeded the pages required (as
indicated in VACUUM output), would that solve my
indexing problem or would I still need to REINDEX
after such a purge?



I don't believe VACUUM re-packs indexes. It just removes empty index
pages. So if you have 1000 index pages all with 1 entry in them, vacuum
cannot reclaim any pages. REINDEX re-packs the pages to 90% full.

fsm just needs to hold enough pages that all requests have free space
that can be used before your next vacuum. It is just a map letting
postgres know where space is available for a new fill.


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