I just finished testing Postgres, MYSQL, and MSSQL on my machine (2 gigs
internal XP).

I have adjusted the postgres config to what I think is an ok place and have
mysql default and mssql default.

Using Aqua studio a program that hooks to all three I have found:

      Initial exec  Second exec  Returning 331,640 records on all 3 database
MSSQL    468ms          16ms              2 mins 3  secs
MYSQL   14531ms       6625ms              2 mins 42 secs 
Postgr  52120ms      11702ms              2 mins 15 secs

Not sure if this proves your point on PGadmin versus MYSQL query tool versus
MSSQL Query tool, but it certainly seems encouraging.

I am going to visit Josh's tests he wanted me to run on the LINUX server.
Joel Fradkin

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