I have asked some Peoples on the List an some one has posted this links

It is quite usefull to read but iam not sure thadt theese Trick is verry helpfull.

I want to splitt my 1GByte Table into some little Partitions but how should i do thadt?
With the ORACLE Partitioning Option, i can Configurering my Table withe Enterprise
Manager or SQL Plus but in this case it looks like Trap.

Should i really decrease my Tabledata size and spread them to other Tables with the
same Structure by limiting Records???

The next Problem i see, how should i do a Insert/Update/Delete on 4 Tables of the
same Structure at one Query???

No missunderstanding. We talking not about normalization or restructuring the Colums
of a table. We talking about Partitioning and in this case at Postgres (emultation
of Partitioning wir UNIONS for Performance tuning)..


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