BTW, your performance troubleshooting will continue to be hampered if you 
can't share actual queries and data structure.   I strongly suggest that you

make a confidentiality contract with  a support provider so that you can
give them detailed (rather than general) problem reports.

I am glad to hear your perspective, maybe my rollout is not as off base as I

FYI it is not that I can not share specifics (I have posted a few table
structures and views here and on pgsql, I just can not backup the entire
database and ship it off to a consultant.

What I had suggested with Commandprompt was to use remote connectivity for
him to have access to our server directly. In this way I can learn by
watching what types of test he does and it allows him to do tests with our
data set.

Once I am in production that will not be something I want tests done on, so
it may have to wait until we get a development box with a similar deployment
(at the moment development is on a XP machine and production will be on
Linux (The 4 proc is linux and will be our production).

Thank you for letting me know what I can hope to see in the way of disk
access on the next hardware procurement, I may email you off list to get the
specific brands etc that you found that kind of through put with.

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