Tim Terlegård wrote:
>>Just as on Oracle you would use SQL*Loader for this application, you
>>should use the COPY syntax for PostgreSQL.  You will find it a lot
>>faster.  I have used it by building the input files and executing
>>'psql' with a COPY command, and also by using it with a subprocess,
>>both are quite effective.
> I tried this now. Now it's down to 0.45 seconds. It feels a bit hacky to
> run /usr/bin/psql from java, but it sure works. Thanks for the hint!

There was a patch against 7.4 that provided direct JDBC access to
PostgreSQL's COPY.  (I have it installed here and *love* it - it
gives outstanding performance.)  However, it hasn't made into an
official release yet.  I don't know why, perhaps there's
a problem yet to be solved with it ('works for me', though)?

Is this still on the board?  I won't upgrade past 7.4 without it.

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