Kris is correct,

This code was not added or even submitted to CVS. The purpose of this was to work
out the bugs with people who are actually using copy.

The api is a separate issue however. There's no reason that copy can't support more
than one api.


Kris Jurka wrote:

On Tue, 3 May 2005, Josh Berkus wrote:

There are several hacks floating around that add COPY capabilities to
the pgjdbc driver. As they all are rather simple hacks, they have not
been included in the cvs yet, but they tend to work fine.

FWIW, Dave Cramer just added beta COPY capability to JDBC. Contact him on the JDBC list for details; I think he needs testers.

I believe Dave has remerged a patch for COPY I posted over a year ago, but he has not yet published it. I would guess it has the same bugs as the original (transaction + error handling) and will meet the same objections that kept the original patch out of the driver in the first place (we want a friendlier API than just a data stream).

Kris Jurka

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