>         and (  recordtext like '%RED%' or recordtext like '%CORVETTE%'  )  

It is simply not possible to use B-tree indexes on these kind of text queries.  
B-trees require you to start at the "left" side of the field, because B-trees 
locate records via <> tests.  "Anywhere in the field" text search requires a 
Full Text Index.

> The reason for the redundant LIKE clause is that first, I only want
> those "incidentid"s that contain the words 'RED' and 'CORVETTE'.  BUT,
> those two words may exist across multiple records with the same
> incidentid.  Then, I only want to actually work with the rows that
> contain one of the words.  This query will repeat the same logic for
> however many keywords are entered by the user.  I have investigated
> text searching options and have not found them to be congruous with my
> application.

Sounds like you either need to restructure your application, restructure your 
database (so that you're not doing "anywhere in field" searches), or buy 32GB 
of ram so that you can cache the whole table.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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