Dan Harris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> ->  Index Scan using ea1 on ea  (cost=0.00..2736.43 rows=42 width=47) 
>> (actual time=2.085..2.309 rows=2 loops=473)
>>       Index Cond: ((ea.incidentid)::text = ("outer".incidentid)::text)
>>       Filter: (((recordtext)::text ~~ '%RED%'::text) OR ((recordtext)::text 
>> ~~ '%CORVETTE%'::text))

> Doesn't that mean it was using an index to filter?

No.  The "Index Cond" shows it is using the index only for the join
condition.  A "Filter" is an additional filter condition that happens to
get applied at this plan node --- but it'll be applied to every row the
index finds for the index condition.

                        regards, tom lane

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