Iron Systems has a fair selection of opteron machines, up to 4 way. The one I have has Tyan guts.

On May 9, 2005, at 4:10 PM, Anjan Dave wrote:

The DP+DC isn't available yet, from Sun. Only QP+DC is, for which the
bid opens at 38k, that is a bit pricey -:)

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Unfortunately, Anandtech only used Postgres just a single time in his
benchmarks. And what it did show back then was a huge performance
advantage for the Opteron architecture over Xeon in this case. Where the

fastest Opterons were just 15% faster in MySQL/MSSQL/DB2 than the
fastest Xeons, it was 100%+ faster in Postgres. He probably got rid of
Postgres from his benchmark suite since it favors Opteron too much. As a

general hardware review site, makes senses that he needs to get more
neutral apps in order to get free systems to review and (ahem) ad

That being said, I wouldn't get a quad Opteron system anyways now that
the dual core Opterons are available. A DP+DC system would be faster and

cheaper than a pure quad system. Unless of course, I needed a QP+DC for
8-way SMP.

Anjan Dave wrote:

Wasn't the context switching issue occurring in specific cases only?

I haven't seen any benchmarks for a 50% performance difference.


have I seen any benchmarks of pure disk IO performance of specific
models of Dell vs HP or Sun Opterons.


EMC you can file an RPQ via your sales contacts to get it approved,
though not sure how lengthy/painful that process might be, or if it's
gonna be worth it.

Read the article devoted to the v40z on

I am also trying to get a quad-Opteron versus the latest quad-XEON


Dell (6850), but it's hard to justify a difference between a 15K dell
versus a 30k v40z for a 5-8% performance gain (read the XEON Vs.


Database comparo on


15k vs 30k is indeed a big difference. But also realize that Postgres
has a specific benefit to Opterons versus Xeons. The context switching
storm happens less on an Opteron for some reason.

I would venture a much greater benefit than 5-8%, more like 10-50%.

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