Acceptable Answers to 'So, when/is PG meant to be getting a decent partitioning system?':

1. Person X is working on it I believe.
2. It's on the list, but nobody has done anything about it yet
3. Your welcome to take a stab at it, I expect the community would support your efforts as well.
4. If you have a huge pile of money you could probably buy the Moon. Thinking along those lines, you can probably pay someone to write it for you.
5. It's a stupid idea, and it's never going to work, and heres why..............

Unacceptable Answers to the same question:

    1. Yours.

Be more helpful, and less arrogant please. Everyone else who has contributed to this thread has been very helpful in clarifying the state of affairs and pointing out what work is and isn't being done, and alternatives to just waiting for PG do it for you.

Please YOU be more helpful and less arrogant. I thought your inital email was arrogant, demanding and insulting. Your followup email has done nothing to dispel my impression. Simon (one of PostgreSQL's major contributors AND one of the very few people working on partitioning in PostgreSQL, as you requested) told you all the reasons clearly and politely.


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