Alex Turner wrote:
Ok - my common sense alarm is going off here...

There are only 6.446 billion people worldwide.  100 Billion page views
would require every person in the world to view 18 pages of yahoo
every day.  Not very likely.
suggests that there are around 1 billion people actualy on the internet.

That means each and every person on the internet has to view 100 pages
per day of yahoo.

pretty unlikely IMHO.  I for one don't even use Yahoo ;)

100 million page views per day suggests that 1 in 100 people on the
internet each viewed 10 pages of a site.  Thats a pretty high
percentage if you ask me.

In general I think your point is valid. Just remember that it probably also matters how you count page views. Because technically images are a separate page (and this thread did discuss serving up images). So if there are 20 graphics on a specific page, that is 20 server hits just for that one page.

I could easily see an image heavy site getting 100 hits / page. Which
starts meaning that if 1M users hit 10 pages, then you get 1M*10*100 = 1G.

I still think 100G views on a single website is a lot, but 100M is
certainly possible.


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