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"Nested Loop  (cost=1349.13..1435.29 rows=1 width=2541) (actual
time=1640.000..3687.000 rows=62 loops=1)"
"  Join Filter: ("inner".fid = "outer".faufgaben_id)"
"  ->  Index Scan using idx_tauf_mit_mitid on taufgaben_mitarbeiter am
(cost=0.00..80.65 rows=35 width=4) (actual time=0.000..0.000 rows=765

Is it really Mozilla Thunderbird that's causing this new craptastic mangling
of plans in people's mails? I was assuming it was some new idea of how to mess
up people's mail coming out of Exchange or Lotus or some other such "corporate
messaging" software that only handled SMTP mail as an afterthought. This is,
uh, disappointing.

Are you talking about the quotes, or just the fact that it is wrapped?

I don't know where the quotes came from, but in Thunderbird if you are
writing in text mode (not html) it defaults to wrapping the text at
something like 78 characters. That includes copy/paste text.

If you want it to *not* wrap, it turns out that "Paste as quotation"
will not wrap, but then you have to remove the "> " from the beginning
of every line.

In html mode, it also defaults to wrapping, but if you switch to
PREFORMAT text first, it doesn't wrap.

At least, those are the tricks that I've found. Safest bet is to just
use an attachment, though.


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