Jocelyn Turcotte wrote:

Hi all
i dont know if this is normal, but if yes i would like to know why and
how I could do it another way other than using unions.

The only thing that *might* work is if you used an index on both keys.
So if you did:

CREATE INDEX rt_edge_start_end_node ON rt_edge(start_node_id,end_node_id);

The reason is that in an "OR" construct, you have to check both for being true. 
So in the general case where you don't know the correlation between the columns, you have 
to check all of the entries, because even if you know the status of one side of the OR, 
you don't know the other.

Another possibility would be to try this index:

CREATE INDEX rt_edge_stare_or_end ON rt_edge(start_node_id OR end_node_id);

I'm not sure how smart the planner can be, though.


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