"Mindaugas Riauba" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> First thing I'd suggest is to get a more detailed idea of exactly
>> what is bloating --- which tables/indexes are the problem?

>   I think the most problematic table is this one. After vacuum full/reindex
> it was 20MB in size now (after 6 hours) it is already 70MB and counting.

AFAICT the vacuum is doing what it is supposed to, and the problem has
to be just that it's not being done often enough.  Which suggests either
an autovacuum bug or your autovacuum settings aren't aggressive enough.

Which PG version is this exactly?  Some of the earlier autovacuum
releases do have known bugs, so it'd be worth your while to update
if you're not on the latest point release of your series.

I don't know much about autovacuum settings, but if you'll show what
you're using someone can probably comment on them.

                        regards, tom lane

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