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> I have a similar question about what to choose (either LSI or Adaptec U320), 
> but
> plan to use them just for JBOD drivers.  I expect to be using either net or
> freebsd.  The system CPU will be Opteron.  My impression is that both the ahd
> and mpt drivers (for U320 Adaptec and LSI, respectively) are quite stable, but
> not from personal experience.  Like I said, I don't plan to have the cards 
> doing
> RAID in hardware.  Should I be pretty safe with either choice of HBA then?

On the machine I mentioned earlier in this thread we use the Megaraid
for JBOD, but the card setup to use the disks that way was somewhat
confusing, requiring us to configure logical drives that in fact matched
the physical ones.  The card still wanted to write that information onto
the disks, reducing the total disk space available by some amount, but
also meaning that we were unable to migrate our system from a previous
non-RAID card cleanly.


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