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 "Martin Fandel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
i have only a little question. Which filesystem is preferred for postgresql? I'm plan to use xfs
(before i used reiserfs). The reason
is the xfs_freeze Tool to make filesystem-snapshots.

XFS has worked great for us, and has been both reliable and fast. Zero problems and currently our standard server filesystem. Reiser, on the other hand, has on rare occasion eaten itself on the few systems where someone was running a Reiser partition, though none were running Postgres at the time. We have deprecated the use of Reiser on all systems where it is not already running.

In terms of performance for Postgres, the rumor is that XFS and JFS are at the top of the heap, definitely better than ext3 and somewhat better than Reiser. I've never used JFS, but I've seen a few benchmarks that suggest it is at least as fast as XFS for Postgres.

Since XFS is more mature than JFS on Linux, I go with XFS by default. If some tragically bad problems develop with XFS I may reconsider that position, but we've been very happy with it so far. YMMV.


J. Andrew Rogers

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