So, our problem in installing is we don't know a cluster or SSL from a
hole in the ground.  Things get confusing about contexts- are we
talking about a user of the system or the database?  Yikes, do I need
to write down the 30+ character autogenerated password?

No you don't need to write it down :)

We just want to use JDBC, code SQL queries and essentially not care
what database is under us.  We would love to find a good tool that runs
as an Eclipse plug-in that lets us define our database, generate a
script file to create it and perhaps also help us concoct queries.

Dunno if such a thing exists?

Our experience is that the many UNIX-ish thing about postgres are there
and we don't know UNIX.  This makes you realize how much you take for
granted about the OS you do know.  Of course, we'll learn, but postgres
people, if you're listening: good job, now take us a little farther and
we will be your most ardent supporters.

Just ask questions on the lists, or get instant answers on #postgresql on



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