On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 12:00:08PM -0400, Amit V Shah wrote:

> I made a schema with 5 tables. I have a master data table with foreign keys
> pointing to other 4 tables. Master data table has around 4 million records.
> When I run a select joining it with the baby tables, 
> postgres -> returns results in 2.8 seconds
> mysql -> takes around 16 seconds !!!! (This is with myisam ... with innodb
> it takes 220 seconds)

PostgreSQL has an excellent query optimizer, so if you get a much better
execution time than MySQL in complex queries this isn't at all unexpected.

I assume the MySQL guys would tell you to rewrite the queries in certain
ways to make it go faster (just like the Postgres guys tell people to
rewrite certain things when they hit Postgres limitations.)

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