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> I'm not sure if this is the appropriate list to post this question to
> but i'm starting with this one because it is related to the performance
> of Postgresql server.  I have a Penguin Computing dual AMD 64 bit
> opteron machine with 8 Gigs of memory.  In my attempt to increase the
> number of shared_buffers from the default to 65000 i was running into a
> semget error when trying to start Postgresql. After reading the
> documentation I adjusted the semaphore settings in the kernel to allow
> Postgresql to start successfully.  With this configuration running if I
> do a ipcs -u i get the following.

On my HP-585, 4xOpteron, 16G RAM, Gentoo Linux (2.6.9):

$ ipcs -u i

------ Shared Memory Status --------
segments allocated 1
pages allocated 34866
pages resident  31642
pages swapped   128
Swap performance: 0 attempts     0 successes

------ Semaphore Status --------
used arrays = 7
allocated semaphores = 119

------ Messages: Status --------
allocated queues = 0
used headers = 0
used space = 0 bytes

Did you perhaps disable spinlocks when compiling PG?

Mike Rylander
GPLS -- PINES Development
Database Developer

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