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> Disks:
> I'm somewhat confused here. I've followed the various notes about SATA
> vs SCSI and it seems that SCSI is the way to go. On a four-slot 1U
> server, would one do a single RAID10 over 4 disks 10000rpm U320 disks?
> I would run the database in its own partition, separate from the rest of
> the OS, possible on LVM. An LSI-Megaraid-2 appears to be the card of
> choice.

Can you tell us about your application? How much data will you have,
what is your ratio of reads to writes, how tollerant to data loss are
you? (for example, some people load their data in batches and if they
loose their data its no big deal, others would have heart failure if a
few transactions were lost)

If your application is 95% writes then people will suggest drastically
different hardware than if your application is 95% selects.

Here is an example of one of my servers:
application is 95+% selects, has 15GB of data (counting indexes), low
tollerance for data loss, runs on a 1 GHz P3 Compaq server with
mirrored 35 GB IDE disks and 1.6GB of RAM. Application response time
is aproximately .1 second to serve a request on a moderately loaded

Matthew Nuzum

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