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After sending that email I kept plucking away and in the course of doing so decided that I didn't need to return the 'file_type' column. Other than that, it would see my query now matches what you two have recommended in the 'ORDER BY...' front but I still can't get an index search.

No it doesn't. Even if you don't return file_type you still need it
in the order by clause if you want postgres to consider using your

I didn't notice that you had changed the index. The reason this index
doesn't help is that you can't use it to select on records with the
desired file_type.

As you probably saw in my last reply, I went back to the old index and tried the query you and Tom Lane recommended. Should this not have caught the index?

At any rate, I am re-reading the documents on indexing for 7.4.x on This is kind of flustering. Thanks again though for som much help!


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