Madison Kelly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>    So the index obiously provides a major performance boost! I just need to
> figure out how to tell the planner how to use it...

Be careful extrapolating too much from a single query in a single context.
Notably you might want to test the same query after not touching this table
for a little while. The index is probably benefiting disproportionately from
having you repeatedly running this one query and having the entire table in

That said, you should look at lowering random_page_cost. The default is 4 but
if this query is representative of your system's performance then much of your
database is in cache and the effective value will be closer to 1. Try 2 or
even 1.5 or 1.2.

But like I said, test other queries and test under more representative
conditions other than repeating a single query over and over.


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