Greg Sabino Mullane wrote:

Um, can't we just get that from pg_settings?

Anyway, I'll be deriving settings from the .conf file, since most of the
time the Configurator will be run on a new installation.

Aren't most of the settings all kept in the SHOW variables anyway?

As I said, it may not be applicable to this project, but thought I would
offer. One gotcha the module makes transparent is that in older versions of
PG, the variables are returned in a different way (via RAISE). My module
will allow you to get the configuration for any connected database, for
any configuration file, and the defaults for any known version, and do
quick comparisons between them all. So you could use it to see what has
changed between a particular server and its conf file, or the differences
between two conf files, or the differences between two databases, or even show
what has changed in the default conf file from 7.4.7 and 8.0.1. It will also
allow you to rewrite the conf files in a standard way.

Sounds a little similar to what's in pgAdmin CVS right now. The configuration editor can retrieve the config file and display configured and active setting concurrently, together with explanations taken from pg_settings (when not run against a pgsql server but a file current settings are missing, comments are taken from a pg_settings csv dump). There's the infrastructure to give hints about all settings, with very few currently implemented.

I wonder if this could be combined with the configurator somehow. Currently, integration won't work with Perl, so maybe C for the core and Perl for the interactive part would be better.


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