I've put together a short article and posted it online regarding
 performance tuning PostgreSQL in general.  I believe it helps to
 bring together the info in a easy to digest manner. I would
 appreciate any feedback, comments, and especially any technical

Looks nice. You should mark the link to the perf tips at Varlena.com
as  "PostgreSQL 7.4" and augment it with the current version here:
as well as the Annotated .Conf File:

Thanks! These changes have been incorporated.
For my part, I've generally seen that SATA disks still suck for
read-write  applications.   I generally rate 1 UltraSCSI = 2 SATA
disks for anything but  a 99% read application.

  I'll work this bit of wisdom in later tonight. Thanks again for the
   Frank Wiles <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>


A couple of things I wish I had been told when I started asking how to configure a new machine.

Use RAID 10 (striping across mirrored disks)
 or RAID 0+1 (mirror a striped array) for your data.
Use RAID 1 (mirror) for your OS
Use RAID 1 (mirror) for the WAL.

Don't put anything else on the array holding the WAL.

There have been problems with Xeon processors.

Kind Regards,

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