We are running an application that uses psqlodbc driver on Windows XP to connect to a server and for some reason the download of data from the server is very slow. We have created a very simple test application that inserts a larger amount of data into the database and uses a simple "SELECT * from test" to download it back. The INSERT of 10MB takes about 4 seconds, while the SELECT takes almost 5 minutes (with basically nothing else running on both the network and the two computers). If we run the PostgreSQL server on the local machine so that the network is not used, both actions are very fast.

Do you have any idea what could be the cause of this behavior? Are there any driver settings/other drivers we should use? We are currently using psqlodbc version, but it seems that other versions we tried show the same behavior. We have tweaked the various driver settings but the times remain basically unchanged.

Any ideas or hints are warmly welcome.


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