Alexander Stanier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> The problem happened again this morning and I took the chance to check 
> out the locking situation. The number of locks increased dramatically up 
> to over 1000, but they were all "AccessShareLocks" and all were granted. 
> The odd "RowExclusiveLock" appeared but none persisted. On the basis 
> that nothing seems to be waiting for a lock, I don't think it is a 
> locking problem.

Hmm.  How many active processes were there, and how many locks per
process?  (A quick "SELECT pid, count(*) GROUP BY pid" query should give
you this info next time.)  We just recently got rid of some O(N^2)
behavior in the lock manager for cases where a single backend holds many
different locks.  So if there's a single query acquiring a whole lot of
locks, that could possibly have something to do with this.

                        regards, tom lane

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