> In the past week, one guy of Unix Group in Colombia
> say: "Postgrest in production is bat, if the power off in any 
> time the datas is lost why this datas is in plain files. 
> Postgrest no ssupport data bases with more 1 millon of records". 
> Wath tell me in this respect?, is more best Informix as say 

Both these statements are completely incorrect. 

Unlike some other "database systems", PostgreSQL *does* survive power
loss without any major problems. Assuming you use a metadata journailng
filesystem, and don't run with non-battery-backed write-cache (but no db
can survive that..)

And having a million records is no problem at all. You may run into
considerations when you're talking billions, but you can do that as well
- it just takes a bit more knowledge before you can do it right.


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