As a sometimes Informix and PostgreSQL DBA, I disagree with the contentions 
below. We have many tables with 10s of millions of rows in Postgres. We have 
had (alas) power issues with our lab on more than one occasion and the 
afflicted servers have recovered like a champ, every time.

This person may not like postgres (or very much likes Informix), but he 
shouldn't conjure up spurious reasons to support his/her prejudice.

Informix is an excellent product, but it can be costly for web related 
applications. PostgeSQL is also an excellent database. Each has differences 
which may make the decision between the two of them clear. But facts are 
necessary to have a real discussion.

Greg WIlliamson
GlobeXplorer LLC

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In the past week, one guy of Unix Group in Colombia
say: "Postgrest in production is bat, if the power off
in any time the datas is lost why this datas is in
plain files. Postgrest no ssupport data bases with
more 1 millon of records". 
Wath tell me in this respect?, is more best Informix
as say 

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