>- Sun V250 server
>- 2*1.3GHz Sparc IIIi CPU
>- 8GB RAM
>- 8*73GB SCSI drives
>- Solaris 10
>- Postgres 8
>4) We moved the pg_xlog files off /data/postgres (disks 2-7) and into
>/opt/pg_xlog (disks 0-1), but it seemed like performance decreased, 
>so we moved them back again.
You have saturated SCSI bus.
1x160GB/s SCSI too small for 8xHDD with 30-70MB/s
Replace CD/DVD/tape at top 2x5" slots on 2xHDD (320 SCSI),
 install PCI 64/66 SCSI 320 controller 
 (or simple RAID1 controller for minimize
 saturation of PCI buses)
 and attach to 2xHDD. Move /opt/pg_xlog on this drives.

Best regards,
 Alexander Kirpa

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