> since triggers work with COPY, you could probably write a trigger that
> looks for this condition and does the ID processsing you need; you could
> thereby enjoy the enormous speed gain resulting from COPY and maintain
> your data continuity.

So... (bear with me here.. trying to make sense of this)..
With triggers there's a way I can do the parsing I need to on a log
file and react to completed events in non-sequential order (you can
ignore that part.. it's just how we piece together different related
events) and then have perl/DBD::Pg invoke a copy command (which, from
what I can tell, has to operate on a file...) and the copy command can
feed the ID I need back to perl so I can work with it...
If that doesn't hurt my brain, then I'm at least kinda confused...
Anyway. Heading home now. I'll think about this more tonight/tomorrow.

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