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Shashi Kanth Boddula wrote:

I have one customer who is using PostgreSQL 7.4.8 on Linux . He has some problems with database mirroring . The details are follows. The customer is using Linux on which PostgreSQL 7.4.8 along with Jboss 3.2.3 is running . He has 2 servers , one is acting as a live server (primary) and another is acting as a fail-over (secondary) server . Secondary server is placed in remote location . These servers are acting as a Attendence server for daily activities . Nearly 50,000 employees depend on the live server . The customer is using DBmirror tool to mirror the database records of primary to secondary . The customer is complaining that there is one day (24 hours) delay between primary and secondray for database synchronization . They have dedicated line and bandwidth , but still the problems exists. I just want to know , for immediate data mirroring , what is the best way for PostgreSQL . PostgreSQL is offering many mirror tools , but which one is the best ?. Is there any other way to accomplish the task ? Thank you . Waiting for your reply.
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Shashi Kanth
Consultant - Linux
Onward Novell - Bangalore

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