I'm a little leary as it is definitely a version 1.0 product (it is
still using an FPGA as the controller, so they were obviously pushing to
get the card into production).

Not necessarily. FPGA's have become a sensible choice now. My RME studio soundcard uses a big FPGA.

The performance in the test doesn't look that good, though, but don't forget it was run under windows. For instance they get 77s to copy the Firefox source tree on their Athlon 64/raptor ; my Duron / 7200rpm ide drive does it in 30 seconds, but not with windows of course.

However it doesnt' use ECC so... That's a pity, because they could have implemented ECC in "software" inside the chip, and have the benefits of error correction with normal, cheap RAM.

        Well; wait and see...

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