> does anybody have expierence with this machine (4x 875 dual core Opteron
> CPUs)?

Nope.   I suspect that you may be the first person to report in on 
dual-cores.  There may be special compile issues with dual-cores that 
we've not yet encountered.

> We run RHEL 3.0, 32bit and under high load it is a drag. We 
> mostly run memory demanding queries. Context switches are pretty much
> around 20.000 on the average, no cs spikes when we run many processes in
> parallel. Actually we only see two processes in running state! When
> there are only a few processes running context switches go much higher.
> At the moment we are much slower that with a 4way XEON box (DL580).

Um, that was a bit incoherent.  Are you seeing a CS storm or aren't you?


Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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