I have in my possession some performance tuning documents authored by Bruce
Momjian, Josh Berkus, and others. They give good information on utilities to
use (like ipcs, sar, vmstat, etc) to evaluate disk, memory, etc. performance
on Unix-based systems.

Problem is, I have applications running on Windows 2003, and have worked
mostly on Unix before. Was wondering if anyone knows where there might be a
Windows performance document that tells what to use / where to look in
Windows for some of this data. I am thinking that I may not seeing what I
in perfmon or the Windows task manager.

Want to answer questions like:
  How much memory is being used for disk buffer cache?
  How to I lock shared memory for PostgreSQL (if possible at all)?
  How to determine if SWAP (esp. page-in) activity is hurting me?
  Does Windows use a 'unified buffer cache' or not?
  How do I determine how much space is required to do most of my sorts in

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