Lane Van Ingen wrote:
> I have in my possession some performance tuning documents authored by Bruce
> Momjian, Josh Berkus, and others. They give good information on utilities to
> use (like ipcs, sar, vmstat, etc) to evaluate disk, memory, etc. performance
> on Unix-based systems.
> Problem is, I have applications running on Windows 2003, and have worked
> mostly on Unix before. Was wondering if anyone knows where there might be a
> Windows performance document that tells what to use / where to look in
> Windows for some of this data. I am thinking that I may not seeing what I
> need
> in perfmon or the Windows task manager.
> Want to answer questions like:
>   How much memory is being used for disk buffer cache?
>   How to I lock shared memory for PostgreSQL (if possible at all)?
>   How to determine if SWAP (esp. page-in) activity is hurting me?
>   Does Windows use a 'unified buffer cache' or not?
>   How do I determine how much space is required to do most of my sorts in
> RAM?

I don't know of any specific documentation. I would mention the
TaskManager as the first place I would look (Ctrl+Shift+Esc, or right
click on the task bar).
You can customize the columns that it shows in the process view, so you
can get an idea if something is paging, how much I/O it is using, etc.

I'm sure there are other better tools, but this one is pretty easy to
get to, and shows quite a bit.


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