Tino Wildenhain schrieb:

> Sebastian Hennebrueder schrieb:
>> Hello,
>> I would like to test the performance of my Java/PostgreSQL applications
>> especially when making full text searches.
>> For this I am looking for a database with 50 to 300 MB having text
>> fields.
>> e.g. A table with books with fields holding a comment, table of content
>> or example chapters
>> or what ever else.
>> Does anybody have an idea where I can find a database like this or does
>> even have something like this?
> You can download the wikipedia content. Just browse the wikimedia site.
> Its some work to change the data to be able to import into postgres,
> but at least you have a lot real world data - in many languages.

I have just found it. Here there is a link
They have content in multiple languages and dumps up to 20 GB.

Best Regards / Viele Grüße

Sebastian Hennebrueder



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