On Aug 17, 2005, at 10:11 PM, Jeremiah Jahn wrote:

I just put together a system with 6GB of ram on a 14 disk raid 10 array.
When I run my usual big painful queries, I get very little to know
memory usage. My production box (raid 5 4GB ram) hovers at 3.9GB used
most of the time. the new devel box sits at around 250MB.

Is the system performing fine? Are you touching as much data as the production box?

If the system is performing fine don't worry about it.

work_mem = 2097151              # min 64, size in KB

This is EXTREMELY high. You realize this is the amount of memory that can be used per-sort and per-hash build in a query? You can end up with multiples of this on a single query. If you have some big queries that are run infrequently have them set it manually.

effective_cache_size = 3600000 <-----this is a little out of control, but would it have any real effect?

This doesn't allocate anything - it is a hint to the planner about how much data it can assume is cached.


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