Jeremiah Jahn wrote:
> Rebuild in progress with just ext3 on the raid array...will see if this
> helps the access times. If it doesn't I'll mess with the stripe size. I
> have REINDEXED, CLUSTERED, tablespaced and cached with 'cat table/index
>>/dev/null' none of this seems to have helped, or even increased my
> memory usage. argh! The only thing about this new system that I'm
> unfamiliar with is the array setup and LVM, which is why I think that's
> where the issue is. clustering and indexing as well as vacuum etc are
> things that I do and have been aware of for sometime. Perhaps slony is a
> factor, but I really don't see it causing problems on index read speed
> esp. when it's not running.
> thanx for your help, I really appreciate it.
> -jj-

By the way, how are you measuring memory usage? Can you give the output
of that command, just to make sure you are reading it correctly.


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