Unless I am wrong, you're making the assumpting the amount of time spent
and ROI is known. Maybe those who've been down this path know how to get
that additional 2-4% in 30 minutes or less? 

While each person and business' performance gains (or not) could vary,
someone spending the 50-100h to gain 2-4% over a course of a month for a
24x7 operation would seem worth the investment?  

I would assume that dbt2 with STP helps minimize the amount of hours
someone has to invest to determine performance gains with configurable

Steve Poe

> If someone spends 100h working on one of these items, and gets a 2%
> performance improvement, that's almost certain to be less desirable
> than spending 50h on something else that gets a 4% improvement.
> And we might discover that memory management improvements in Linux
> 2.6.16 or FreeBSD 5.5 allow some OS kernels to provide some such
> improvements "for free" behind our backs without *any* need to write
> database code.  :-)

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