>I have a pl/pgsql function that using temp table to perform searching logic,
>we have one server running on 512MB, Red Hat 9.0, postgresql-7.4.5.
>the problem is the pl/pgsql function that i created will increase postmaster memory when calling to function
>become more frequent, i did a test by getting out all the logic inside the function and what left only
>create temporary table and drop the temporary table statement (at the end if this function), i monitor the %mem for postmaster
>using linux command, ps -eo pid,comm,user,%mem | grep postmaster.
>when i start the postmaster, the %mem show only 2.0 something, but after i run the function for more that 1000 time, then
>the %mem will go up until 10.0 something.
>my question is,it is postmaster have memory leaking problem?
>hope someone can give me some help and best is how to identify the problem it is come from postgresql?

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