The company that I'm working for are surveying the djungle of DBMS
since we are due to implement the next generation of our system.

The companys buissnes is utilizing the DBMS to store data that are
accessed trough the web at daytime (only SELECTs, sometimes with joins,
etc). The data is a collection of bjects that are for sale. The data
consists of basic text information about theese togheter with some
group information, etc.

The data is updated once every night.

There are about 4 M posts in the database (one table) and is expected
to grow with atleast 50% during a reasonable long time.

How well would PostgreSQL fit our needs?

We are using Pervasive SQL today and suspect that it is much to small.
We have some problems with latency. Esp. when updating information,
complicated conditions in selects and on concurrent usage.

Best Regards
Robert Bengtsson
Project Manager

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