> Hi,
> I usually use PostgreSQL coupled with Linux, but I have to use Windows
> a
> perticular project.
> So I wanted to do some tests to know if the performance will be
> (I
> don't need PostgreSQL to be as fast with windows as with linux, but it
> to
> be usable...).

In my experience win32 is par with linux generally with a few gotchas on
either side.  Are your times with fsync=no? It's much harder to give
apples-apples comparison with fsync=on for various reasons.

Are you running stats_command_string=on?  Try disabling and compare
Is your loading app running locally or on the server?

I am very interesting in discovering sources of high cpu load problems
on win32.  If you are still having problems could you get a gprof
profile together?  There is a recent thread on win32-hackers discussing
how to do this.


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