On Wed, 2 Nov 2005, Merlin Moncure wrote:

> >
> > By the way, we've tried to insert into the windows database from a
> > linux psql client, via the network. In this configuration, inserting
> > is only about 2 times slower than inserting locally (the linux client
> > had a slower CPU 1700Mhz agains 3000). Could it be related to a
> > problem in the windows psql client ?
> >

If you put client/server on the same machine, then we don't know how the
CPU is splitted. Can you take a look at the approximate number by
observing the task manager data while running?

If communication code is the suspect, can we measure the difference if we
disable the redefinition of recv()/send() etc in port/win32.h (may require
change related code a little bit as well). In this way, the socket will
not be able to pickup signals, but let see if there is any performance
difference first.


> [OK, I'm bringing this back on-list, and bringing it to QingQing's
> attention, who I secretly hope is the right person to be looking at this
> problem :)]
P.s. You scared me ;-)

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